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Case Studies Sweetwater Performance Pavilion

The acoustics of a live music venue are critical to its patrons' experience.

In its early stages, Sweetwater Performance Pavilion experienced some detrimental reverberation times and lacked the acoustical clarity required for a great live music experience. The fast-moving sound was reflecting off hard surfaces, producing excessive echo within the space. Fortunately, a remedy exists for this problem.

MBI Products acoustically treated the whalebone-shaped, covered outdoor venue with Weather Resist Panels. Extensive testing has shown that these panels reduce reverberation times and sound intensity levels. Made with durable Cypress exterior fabric, these panels will withstand the elements and the effects of excessive temperature changes. The customers were more than satisfied with this solution. They stated that Sweetwater Pavilion is “one of the best-sounding whalebone structures they’ve ever heard.” Concerts at Sweetwater sound even sweeter now that the sound environment is optimized.

A lightweight, cost-efficient, and easy-to-install solution, MBI’s Weather Resistant Exterior panels are effective in amphitheaters, amusement parks, noise enclosures, and as transportation noise barriers as well.