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Case Studies Sibling Revelry Brewery

When designing a new building, interior acoustics requirements are easily overlooked.

Only when the project is finished do the occupants realize that the setting is oftentimes acoustically unappealing.

When Sean Kennedy, owner of Sibling Revelry in Westlake, Ohio experienced this problem, he called MBI for an expert opinion.

Upon visiting the brewery’s location for a high-tech sound assessment, MBI’s experts determined that the space was in need of a combination of Cloudlite Baffles and Sound Stop Blankets for noise control. Consultants recommended installing black panels to blend into the existing ceiling, providing a practical solution with visual appeal. Drinking beer never sounded so good!

“The installed panels are not noticeable and created a huge improvement in our acoustic environment. Both MBI and their installers did a fantastic job,” says Kennedy. When Sibling Revelry did a taproom expansion, MBI was consulted again and more acoustic solutions were installed. “Overall, we are very happy with MBI’s service and products and they had a positive impact on our business.”

If your business requires service to customers in a large space, make certain that the acoustics are optimal. Patrons are more likely to stay longer in a restaurant, brewery, or bar that is acoustically pleasing.