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Case Studies Conveyer & Caster

Industrial environments can harbor unsafe noise environments for occupants.

MBI’s Spectrum Panels are designed to reduce harm risk.

When material handling manufacturer Conveyer & Caster outgrew its original facility in Cleveland, OH, the operation moved to a 75,000 sq. ft. facility in Westlake, OH. While the massive space was filled with exceptional features, acoustical products were not included. A steel roof and concrete floors along with industrial hammering provided a problematic, unsafe sound environment. In addition, Conveyer & Caster has an on-site experience center where the team entertains clients. This room had unbearable reverb time — the time required for the sound to fade away in a closed space. The company contacted MBI for noise reduction solutions.

MBI Products provided exceptional hands-on service in measuring the large space, identifying appropriate solutions and products, and demonstrating the benefits of thwarting unsafe noise levels in the assembly area. The acoustics experts at MBI provided a workable solution to Conveyer & Caster’s sound problems by installing Spectrum panels directly to the facility’s roof deck for excellent sound absorption. The MBI Spectrum Panel is constructed of a semi-rigid fiberglass core that is self-supporting and will not sag over time.

Conveyer & Caster reports dramatically decreased noise levels in their assembly room. In fact, workers no longer have to wear sound-canceling headphones while on the job. In addition, the experience center now has such great sound quality that they can have clear conversations with dozens of people while simultaneously using their impressive entertainment system. Conveyer & Caster is a satisfied customer whose project exemplifies the benefits of working with MBI Products Company. MBI is always glad to help another local Northeast Ohio business achieve acoustical perfection!