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Cloud-Lite® Baffle

MBI pioneered the original Cloud-Lite® Acoustical Baffle over 50 years ago, and today offers the most complete line of acoustical baffles throughout the industry.

Cloud-Lite Baffles are designed to solve acoustical problems in any large cubic volume space such as arenas, gymnasiums, natatoriums, theaters, restaurants, offices, corridors, kennels, and industrial buildings for OSHA compliance.


MBI Colorsonix® Acoustical Wall Panels are suitable for most acoustical wall applications. Colorsonix wall panels are offered in a wide range of prices and finishes. From standard to custom, MBI will always provide the highest possible quality and performance.


Spectrum Acoustical Panels

MBI Spectrum Panels are ideal for ceiling spaces that have electrical, mechanical and fire suppression systems close to the deck. MBI Spectrum Panels are installed directly to the roof deck. They provide excellent absorption when Cloud-Lite Baffles and Lapendary Panels are not a practical solution.


Weather Resistant Exterior Panels

MBI Weather Resistant Exterior Acoustical Panels are intended for outdoor applications such as amphitheaters, pavilions, amusement facilities, noise enclosures, and transportation noise barriers.

Sound traveling at 730 miles per hour will reflect and ricochet off hard surfaces producing excessive reverberation (echo) within the space. Extensive testing has shown that MBI Weather Resistant Exterior Panels reduce reverberation times by 1/2 to 5 seconds and sound intensity levels 2 to 12 decibels.

Lapendary Panels

Lapendary Panels are large, unique acoustical banners hung in a loose catenary fashion or installed flush to the roof deck for a flat appearance with minimum festoon. The original Lapendary Panel was developed in 1987 by MBI in response to the growing demand for proper acoustics in today's larger indoor venues. Arenas and other multi-purpose facilities require a sound environment conducive to both athletic events and musical performances.