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Case Studies

Learn about the solutions MBI Products have provided our clients.


When designing a new building, interior acoustics requirements are easily overlooked. Only when the project is finished do the occupants realize that the setting is oftentimes acoustically unappealing.  When Sean Kennedy, owner of Sibling Revelry in Westlake, Ohio experienced this problem, he called MBI for an expert opinion.

Spectrum Acoustical Panels


In its early stages, Sweetwater Performance Pavilion experienced some detrimental reverberation times and lacked the acoustical clarity required for a great live music experience. The fast-moving sound was reflecting off hard surfaces, producing excessive echo within the space. Fortunately, a remedy exists for this problem.

Weather Resist Exterior Panels


Judson Manor required a sound solution for its iconic performance hall. Fortunately, MBI Products offers acoustics integration with existing interior design. Located at University Circle in Cleveland, Judson Manor is an arts-focused senior living community. When Judson took over the property, the new owners renovated the space with modern amenities while maintaining its ornate, 1920s style.

Masquerade DESCOR ®


Industrial environments can harbor unsafe noise environments for occupants. MBI’s Spectrum Panels are designed to reduce harm risk. When material handling manufacturer Conveyer & Caster outgrew its original facility in Cleveland, OH, the operation moved to a 75,000 sq. ft. facility in Westlake, OH. While the massive space was filled with exceptional features, acoustical products were not included.

Spectrum Panels