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Kristen McIntire

Vice President of Operations

With the company since 2004, Kristen McIntire has worn many hats at MBI. Her career at the company began as the receptionist, then she advanced to Project Manager followed by Sales Manager. In her current role as Vice President of Operations, Kristen collaborates in all departments at MBI. She’s always looking for ways to improve internal performance, productivity, and efficiency to ensure quality products and exceptional customer service. Officially she’s a boss, but some say she is the face of the company. Kristen promotes and projects the work-family culture at MBI with an open-communication management style. She floats among colleagues in the office and the plant, assisting wherever she is needed.

Originally from the East Side of Cleveland, Kristen currently lives in Bay Village with her husband and three daughters. When she’s not working, she’s enjoying her family and hanging out with her sisters. Kristen is a light-hearted soul, seeking laughter and spreading joy with her smile wherever she goes.